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Lovely Neutrals (Spring is in the air)

There’s just nothing quite like the

romance of snail mail.

# l o v e l I t t l e s c r I b b l e s

“The best thing about selling paper is being able to be a part of someone’s story. Knowing that a baby shower invitation I designed is a part of someone’s baby book or a first birthday invitation is in a kid’s memory journal is really special. Every time I get a review or message from a customer telling me that they framed one of my funny greeting cards to put in their home, I feel so honored. It’s like we’re laughing together; it’s that human connection that’s important. When people buy something from Little Scribbles, I don’t want it to be a big box store experience – like they’re picking up the first card they see while they buy milk. It’s a human experience.”

– M J

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A boutique hand-crafted stationery brand located in Arroyo Grande, California.

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