5 simple baby shower themes

(super easy and budget friendly)

There are so many baby shower themes out there, you may be thinking, “How am I supposed to pick just one???…send HELP!” Here are 5 super simple baby shower themes that aren’t only easy, but can be pretty budget friendly. Oh yeah, and they’re totally adorable. 

Pick A Color & Run With It : You can pick various shades of the same color or choose up to three colors that coordinate really well together. This option is great if you aren’t really into “themes”, if you are throwing a shower for a co-worker or if the mama-to-be isn’t super specific about what she wants. 

Neutral Parade : I love this idea. You’ve seen it, the soft hues of beige, tans and taupes amid cozy knitted baby sweaters on instagram accounts. And if you haven’t, where have you been?! Lots of Mama’s are opting for gender neutral showers and requesting beautiful neutrals instead of a pyramid of football onesies or pile of tutus. This gives you a great opportunity to use the beautiful items Mama has already bought for baby that fit the theme. Create displays, outfit garlands and sweet sentiments to make her shower super simple, but exceptionally charming. 

Black & White : This theme can go from ‘aww’ to edgy and is completely neutral. I’ve seen it go both ways, but you can bet that you’ll always be able to find decor at your local party supply store really easily. And if you’re black and white obsessed (like me!), you’ll have many things to incorporate that you already own. Also, this one is a dramatic backdrop for all of her shower photos.

Garden Theme : Who doesn’t love flowers? Well, some people actually, but this one can go from simple to really elaborate. You can easily dress up grocery store flower bouquets with vases and items you already own. Buy a bunch of bouquets, divide them into smaller vases and scatter them throughout the shower. You can also sacrifice some blooms and scatter petals across guest tables. And if real flowers aren’t your thing and you have some time on your hands, I highly recommend making your own tissue or crepe paper flowers. I made a lot of these at my shower and they were adorable and SUPER cheap.

Citrus Theme : I love citrus shower themes. Give me all the citrus; I don’t even care what kind! They are perfect for spring to late summer baby showers and they can be really simple. In California, where I am, everyone knows at least one person with some sort of citrus tree in their yard. Clip all the lemons, oranges, etc you want fresh from the tree and leave some of the leaves attached for a boho garden vibe. And if you aren’t lucky enough to know someone with a citrus tree, just go down to the grocery store and pick up bags of citrus to create reasonable centerpieces and table decor. You can clip greenery from your yard or buy greenery bunches from the grocery store to accompany your little citrus cuties. And again, the great part about this theme is it is gender neutral. This is great for Mamas who don’t wish to know the baby’s gender or just can’t get a good picture (darn it!) to find out.

Pick one or combine a couple themes to make something totally unique! My shower was a combination. I had a lemon themed garden party and it was really beautiful. Happy Baby Shower and Happy Planning! -MJ


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