frequently asked questions

What is the best way to contact you?

Since most of our work is done through the Etsy platform, it is best to contact us via our Etsy Shop.

When will my order arrive?

• USPS PRIORITY MAIL: 1-3 business days
• USPS FIRST CLASS: 2-5 business days
• USPS STANDARD SHIPPING: 2-8 business days
Print orders of 20 prints or less ship first class, print orders of 25 prints or more ship standard shipping. Plan those purchases so you’re not a Procrastinating Patty!

Do you make custom products?

Most of our products can be customized in some way. Also, most items are able to have custom matching items created. For completely new products that you don’t see for sale, contact us through Etsy to request a quote.

What are the discounts you offer?

Discounts depend on where you are purchasing our products. Little Scribbles has zero control over discounts offered at & Holiday and seasonal sales vary. However, we always offer print discounts via our Etsy shop; they are listed below:

• 10% off orders of 35+

• 15% off orders of 75+

• 20% off orders of 150+

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