To VBAC or not VBAC…is that your question?

I just had my second baby. Ok, five months ago (today), I just had my second baby (time flies when you’re having fun, changing diapers at 2 AM). Life has been crazy, blissfully crazy, so I’m just getting around to sending out my VBAC experience into the Wild West Web.


    My second pregnancy, while not as traumatic as the first, was challenging in other ways. The family drama was settled and there were no medical issues (thank God), however, my husband lost his job and along with it our family medical plan. I’m banking on baby no. three (if that happens) being myContinue reading “OLLI’S BIRTH STORY”


  My first pregnancy was riddled with unexpected family and medical drama. It’s fair to say, the red carpet was not rolled out for me during my first pregnancy. I hope, sweet Mama, that is not the case for you. Because pregnant ladies need all of the love, pampering and understanding anyone can offer.