Pinterest Closet Nursery DIY



Let me just preface by saying, I’m a lover of Pinterest. I’ve used the site for years, like many others, pinning my hopes and dreams, categorizing my perfectly styled life (ha!) into boards, wishing the Pinning Fairy would visit my home, sprinkling her thoughtful fairy dust into each room and snapping her fingers like Mary freaking Poppins…’You march into that bin, toy solider, March!’

But, Pinterest keeps letting me down. I scroll through the Pinterest fails, and scoff as I mutter to myself, “what idiot would paint a floral print chair with watered down chalk paint…Ninny…”. Alas, there is no fairy, and no perfect space and project…or is there?!

Oh yes, my dear friends! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! I give you the Pinterest Closet Nursery:



If you live in a small space, you feel me. You pray to all that is creative and holy to give you an idea of how to cram your new little bundle into your current space.

Closet, meet Nursery. Nursery, meet closet. Check out these amazing, beautiful and super smart closet nurseries…BRILLIANT!




So, I bought a mini crib, gathered up my painting supplies and my super supportive very reluctant husband and transformed my dank, sad little 1950’s closet into a space I don’t even want to put my clothes back into!




I, honestly, didn’t think it could look even half as good as the Pinterest photos, but I was pleasantly surprised. We even sanded & stained the wood floor of our closet to give Mr. Olli his very own hardwood floors, eep! Above is the inspiration, here’s the result:





I wrapped the steel closet bar in our leftover sheer off-white Wedding fabric (cuz I’m sentimental like that) and created a backdrop at the head of the mini crib which was the perfect spot for Olli’s mobile.

Also, I really wanted it to feel like a REAL nursery, just on the mini, so I added a framed piece of artwork as well as my favorite newborn outfit.






You guys, this project was SOOOO simple. If you have a closet, you can do this! If you are living smaller, like we are (our house is under 1000 sq ft), or you are just not ready to part with your snuggle muffin sleeping in your room, this is a great solution. It gives Mom and Dad a little bit of err…privacy… while still keeping your new little love close at hand.

Now go forth and DIY…You got this!




Our Supplies:

Valspar Paint (Asiago in Eggshell), Minwax Stain in Red Mahogany, Minwax Polycrylic, DaVinci Alpha Mini Crib in Slate, Sheer Fabric (5+yards), Elephant Bedding (Target), Baby Mobile (Etsy)

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